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CogBooks is an educational tech startup that uses machine learning algorithms to personalize the content for university students. When I joined I was the only designer in the company. They had an idea to build an application where course authors can easily create their courses and publish them. I build the designs for this application from ground up.


• I started off as the only designer in the company and I was responsible for all the product related decisions.
• I designed the concepts for an authoring tool based on the requirements of the users. I conducted a competitor analysis prior to that, in order to develop a strategy for the design direction.
• I visualized the different learning paths based on the underlying algorithm and accordingly designed a simplified user interface for the students.
• I worked closely with the clients in universities and constantly received positive feedback for the simplified redesigns.
• I created the specifications document for the development team and worked with them closely throughout the development process.



Since we had to build the product from scratch, we spent a lot of time in the idea conceptualization phase. I followed the below process for designing the application.


Design Specifications

The below document is the wireframes I designed for the first phase of the project.


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