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Here is a glimpse of some of the projects I have worked on over last few years. 

Happy to share details over email or a call.

Docker Extensions

Staff Product Designer

At Docker led the design of a new feature called extensions on Docker Desktop. As of now, extensions is the most adopted new feature in the history of Docker. Some of the contributing factors to this is the novelty of the feature itself but also the early experiments that we ran to find the right product market fit and the overall product experience we built to facilitate the discovery, adoption, engagement and retention of the feature.

My role included designing the experiments, gathering early user insights, identifying opportunity areas, creating concepts, building designs, defining UX metrics and user testing.

More details can be shared over email.

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Mercedes me Service App

Product Design Lead

At I led the design efforts of the Mercedes me Service app. Mercedes me Service is a one-stop-shop that caters to all the service and maintenance needs of Mercedes-Benz car owners. One of the key projects I worked on here was to rethink the information architecture of the app and tie it to user/business value.

My work included identifying opportunity areas, conducting research, building simplified designs over an underlying complex architecture, setting up UX metrics, conducting usability evaluations and helping set up the customer experience for a global product.

More details can be shared over email.

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Mercedes-Benz Car HMI

UX Design Expert

As a UX Design expert at Luxoft I worked on developing the UX flows for certain features such as personalization and climate control as part of the Mercedes-Benz Car HMI interface (MBUX)

Apart from working on the UX flows and interactions, I also introduced several process improvements and wrote macros to automate certain workflows within the company.

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Direct Democracy App/Service

Product/Service Designer

I worked for an European non-profit organization called EIT Digital on a couple of projects in the field of direct democracy.

My work included conducting research with subject matters experts, redesigning the UI, conducting usability tests, coming up service blueprint and identifying opportunity areas.​

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Adaptive Learning Platform

Product Designer

Cogbooks is a UK based startup that has built an adaptive learning  platform for students in universities.I joined the company as their first UX designer.

My work included researching and evaluating the UX of the existing product. I then proposed a UX strategy on how to improve the current product while simultaneously working on a complete redesign as part of a long-term/more sustainable solution

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